Where did you grow up?

I’m from Odessa in Ukraine, a beautiful and totally relaxed coastal area by the Black Sea.


Anastasiia, what does a normal day look like for you?

 I love being busy during the day, organizing projects, location scouting and styling. Coffee in the mornings to wake up and get me ready for a packed day. During the day i'm editing and working on photos. After my usual routine I tend to listen to music especially indie bands from Great Britain. Once I finished with photos I like to invest time into myself and disconnect for a bit and regain energies towards the next day.


Where and how do you find inspiration?

The combination of colors, shadows, traveling and the interaction between them is what keeps me inspired and determined when it comes to my photographic vision.


Bucket hat or baseball cap?

Bucket hats. They are they so cute. 


Favourite holiday destination and must have vacation travel essentials?  

One of my favourite destinations has to be Sicily. The region is filled with amazing locations like The Scala dei Turchi, it steals my breath away anew each visit. Holiday essentials include - a wide brim straw hat or silky scarf, lip balm, sunnies, a comfy dress and a handy film camera to capture moments.


Favourite look from our AW19 collection?

Angus Wide Fedora


Three words that best describe you…

 Passionate, Sensible, Precise

Anastasiia wears our Josephine Classic Boater


Follow Anastasiia's photography account at @nastygerak